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    Made for your curves.

  • Bella Curves Lingerie Models Interview With Ange D'lips

    May 09, 2023

    Bella Curves Lingerie Models Interview With Ange D'lips

    Plus Size Model Ange D’Lips has a Powerful Message to Share with Women of All Ages About Life, Relationships and Body Positivity.

    It was the day of Bella Curves Lingerie photoshoot that I first met Ange D’Lips. I was standing at the front of the photographer’s house looking for the front door, which was actually accessed through the gated pool area. I was fumbling through my bag, looking for my phone to call the photographer to let her know I had arrived. I looked up to see a woman standing beside me, we smiled at each other and said hello.

    Ange has stunningly large light blue eyes with pupils that contract and expand, not just in the light, but dependant on her mood as well. It is a mix I have always found intriguing. Her smile is decorated by the most beautifully shaped lips which the hair and makeup artist will later take advantage of in readiness for her photoshoot. She is (so she will tell you) the perfect pear shape and exudes a confidence that comes from a woman who is comfortable with who she is.

    But Ange hasn’t always been this woman. In a previous life she endured years of negativity and betrayal at the hands of a partner she loved, it affected her mindset and her confidence.

    This is Angela’s story ...

    Five years ago, I left a 28-year relationship. My ex was my first boyfriend and the father of my children. When we met, I was 16 years old and weighed 48kg. I had morphed into a 44-year-old mother who weighed over 150kg (the scales didn’t go any higher so I will never know my highest weight). He was embarrassed by me and humiliated to be seen in public with me. But... not that I’m excusing him…I felt the same way about myself.

    I wore black almost exclusively, I rarely wore makeup, and I didn’t own a single skirt or dress.

    When I left to start my new life, I envisioned that I would be alone for the remainder of it as I had no self-confidence and could not believe any man would ever want me.

    Five years of work on building my self-esteem and self-worth sees me 30’ish kg lighter today. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams with gorgeous dresses and shoes.

    I delight in sitting at my dressing table and spending time carefully applying my makeup before exiting the house each day. For me, this makes me happy.

    There were many steps along the way (boxing, belly dancing, dating, socializing, making new friends, and getting married).

    This is a very short version of my rebirth. I barely resemble that women who was sad, frumpy and hated herself.

    When I saw a call for confident, plus-sized women to model for Bella Curves Lingerie my heart leapt with excitement. Imagining myself as a plus-size model … that would be a dream come true.

    I would love to show other women that there is life after divorce, after self-hatred, after raising children. I knew that I was too short, too big, too pear-shaped, too old! But, I sent an email off with some photographs and held my breath. Then I heard back, and Michelle said she wanted me to be involved with the launch of her gorgeous lingerie.

    Although nerve-racking, it was the experience of a lifetime. My husband, my sister and my children are sooooo proud.

    The message I want to send to other women is that confidence and sexiness is an attitude. I am rocking my curves, mummy tummy, epic booty, cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles because we only have one life and I didn’t participate in mine for so many years that I now refuse to hide. I am going to live it.

    What Inspires You

    What Inspires You?

    Plus-size models inspire me and they played an important role in my growth and in building my self-confidence. Pinterest was instrumental in my personal growth. I used to sit and admire the beautiful plus-sized woman I found there. I started asking myself why? If I think that lady is stunning, why do I hate myself? I had to concede and stop being such a hypocrite. I could not say other curvy women were attractive and I was not. My Pinterest browsing started to turn my attitude around. Then I discovered a love of fashion. I can sit on the couch for hours drooling over beautiful dresses and shoes online. I adore the 1950’s look and I idolize Marilyn Monroe.

    What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned in Your Life?

    Life is short. That’s depressing isn’t it? And, I am okay. I’m not perfect, and that is fine, I am enough.

    I wasted so many years. There are not a lot of photographs of me participating in life and doing things with my children. I was too scared about what other people thought. I wanted to be invisible. I was shy and insecure. I thought the solution was to step back and stay in the background. I must have been a total drag.

    Today I smile, I laugh and I participate. I take chances. I wear makeup and bright dresses and draw attention to myself. People comment that I am bubbly and I get a LOT of compliments on my appearance. Which just proves that self-love radiates and people see it. The way to be sexy, attractive, welcoming, fun, friendly…is to love yourself. It is magnetic.

    If You Could Turn Back Time and Talk to Your 13-Year-Old Self, What Would You Tell Her?

    I would just hug her and tell her it will be okay. She came from a dysfunctional and abusive household. No doubt this was the start of my insecurity, shyness and self-loathing. I don’t think I could convince her to change as it was not the right time. She needed to live and learn for herself. I’m not someone who has regrets or would go back and change anything. I would just want to hug her and let her know she is loved and will be happy one day.

    Angela has so much to share with women of every age, she is a testimony to the strength of a woman. She seeks to inspire and assure women that we can come back from anything, we are powerful, sexy beings who are unapologetic about our size or any of our perceived faults.

    Follow Ange on Instagram @ange_dlips

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