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  • How The Hopeless Romantic Woman Can Romance Her Partner

    May 09, 2023

    How The Romantic Woman Can Romance Her Partner
    This Valentines Day be a Hopeless Romantic Woman With a Dirty Mind. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so below we have some tips to help make your day even more special. But don’t just think these tips are for celebrating one day only, they are perfect for the every day!

    Why Not Be A Romantic Helpless Woman – with a Dirty Mind?

    After all, we are told that the key to long term happiness in any relationship is to make time for intimacy and connection with each other and these are sure-fire ways to ensure that happens!

    The hopeless romantic woman does lots of little things to make their partner feel happy and appreciated. It can be as simple as a note in a lunch box, a text message saying “I love you”, or going to a little more effort and giving their partner a sensual massage: With a happy ending of course 😉 she may cook a simple yet delicious meal with dessert (if you know what I mean;), or arrange a romantic evening in for just the two of them.

    To be a hopeless romantic woman, plan out your special romantic evening. The first rule of the evening: TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!

    Make it a night for coupled-up bliss. This occasion is just for you and your partner, a special time to indulge in a little play and enjoy each other’s company eventually leading to a slow, sweet, sensual night of romance … and definitely some hot sex!

    A Dinner for Two
    Cook a romantic dinner for two, have a bottle of wine chilled in the fridge and ready to go. Either make, buy or be dessert. Set the scene, lay the table, light the candles, put on some sexy jazz music, and cook up something light, delicious and easy to serve. Add some spice to your dinner conversation, talk about a sexual fantasy you have about your partner, tell them how much you love what they do to you in bed, then tell them what you plan to do to them after dinner (make sure you follow through on this one 😉

    What to wear
    When you are in a hopeless romantic mood, think about what you are going to wear. Lingerie is a perfect choice. A cute little babydoll or sensual chemise under a soft, elegant robe make the ideal lingerie attire. Make sure you choose a piece that makes you feel both pretty and sexy, that’s the whole point of lingerie – how it makes you feel. Choose a colour that looks good on you, though you can’t go wrong with simple black or red.

    Romantic Evening in Bed
    Do you have play dates in the bedroom? Any day or night is the right time to do this, although Valentines Day makes is even more special. As a romantic woman with a dirty mind you know that being adventurous in the bedroom leads to some mind blowing sex with your partner.

    Arouse the Senses with a Massage
    A sensual massage is a great way to bring a little romance into your evening. Physical touch is far more important than gifts. Use your hands and fingers to explore your partner’s body. Trace around their jawline, their face, inner thigh, legs, back, stomach …. and other intimate places. These sensations stimulate the nerve cells of the body and help increase arousal.

    Check out our 10-minute sensual massage tip for a sexy massage. But make sure you swap. Giving and receiving a massage is a sure way to get the juices flowing – for both of you. Use our pheromone infused Dona range of massage oils or massage candles, you never know where that will lead you … trust me

    Express Your Self
    Did you know speaking sweet nothings in your partner’s ear during lovemaking sessions can intensify those happy chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) in your brain? Seduce your partner with words, reminisce on the last time you made love and how it made you feel. As you kiss and nuzzle each other whisper sweet words like “you turn me on so much” or “I love the way your skin feels”. Don’t you love when your partner whispers in your ear? Their hot kisses on your neck and warm breath as they nibble on your ear and whisper in your ear? Its a sure fire way to make your partner melt too.

    So lady, have fun and rock your partners world! Surrender yourself to the moment and enjoy. Be the hopeless romantic, spoil your partner this Valentines Day, I am sure you will have them begging for more.

    Michelle xx

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