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  • Get Ready For A Week Of Sexy Sins - 7 Nights In The Boudoir

    May 09, 2023

    7 Nights in the Boudoir
    Are you ready for a week of sexy sins? Summer has come to an end and the cooler evenings are starting to set in.

    However, that doesn’t mean you should start thinking about getting those old comfy flannies out just yet!

    Fill your nights instead with a bit of sizzling fun with our tongue in cheek recommendations for 7 Nights in the Boudoir 😉 Just between you and me, I like Sundays best 🙂

    Whether you’re sitting around at home or heading out for a special occasion, there is no reason you can’t be looking and feeling sexy under the covers all week. Not only does it add a little spark to every occasion, it will also add a big spark to your bedroom antics.


    Monday: Dress up Your Assets
    Mondays are always the worst day of the week so why not brighten things up by showing your husband or partner your best assets in the most fun way possible, with some nipple covers! Not only will it get you all laughing, but no doubt a little excitement as well.

    Tuesday: Accentuate Your Curves
    Today we want you to accentuate your curves! A chemise will cling to your amazing body like a second skin, with soft stretchy lace and bust support that will have you feeling as though you’re the sexiest woman on the planet (and hey, guess what!! YOU ARE!!!)

    Wednesday: Hump Day – Do it in a Teddy
    Happy hump day. Get yourself over this hump in the week with a 3 piece teddy! From the stretch lace in the front, to the garter, g-string and lace handcuffs; Wednesday has never looked so exciting!

    Thursday: Wrap Yourself Up
    Wrap yourself up on a Thursday for some late night shopping in a sexy Chemise and Stay up Stockings. Feel the smooth sensations of polyester and spandex as you walk through the retail centres, knowing you hide a sexy secret underneath your usual maxi dress. And when you arrive home, take the outer layer off so your partner isn’t looking at your shopping bags, but at you instead! Get set for a wicked fun night!

    Friday: Boobs Out Friday
    Bustier: Get your boobs out, it’s Friday!!! Wearing a bustier is going to enhance your best features (and no, we’re not talking about your eyes); so whether you’re single and heading out for a night with friends on the prowl, or you are going to dinner with the one you love; why not accentuate your assets?

    Saturday: Feeling Sexy in Bodystockings
    Body Stockings are sexy. Simple as that. And Saturday is one of the best days for feeling sexy. Wear a full body stocking under a jumpsuit; cover it with some skinny jeans and dressy singlet; or you might just be wearing it to surprise the one you love. Whatever you do, you’ll feel the heat all over.

    Sunday: The “Holey Day”
    And on the 7th day… god created crotchless panties. Sunday is the day where the good go to church to repent for their sins (which probably includes the other 6 days of our week of sexy sins mentioned above), and the final day of the weekend where you can relax before you have to get stuck back into work tomorrow ……. which is why we’ve opted for crotchless panty Sundays. It is the “Holy” Day, after all. *wink*

    Even if it’s just for yourself, you’ll enjoy the idea that you’re free … feel the breeze of the cool Sunday afternoon air as you relax on the couch watching your favourite movies; or if you’re off to your local for a Sunday Sesh, enjoy the naughty feeling that you get from knowing what’s underneath (or NOT underneath) your clothes.

    Have a great week lovely! … And don’t forget to let me know if you dared to play our week of sexy sins game 😉

    Michelle – Bella Curves Lingerie xx

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