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    Made for your curves.

  • Strutting Through Fashion: From Hush-Hush Corsets to "Look at Me" Lingerie

    September 10, 2023

    Strutting Through Fashion: From Hush-Hush Corsets to "Look at Me" Lingerie

    Ah, fashion! That beautiful, ever-evolving beast that’s given us everything from prim petticoats to runway-ready lingerie. Fashion isn’t just a bunch of fabrics sewn together. It’s a language, a statement, and most of all, an attitude. So, strap in, darling, as we sashay down fashion’s memory lane, one risqué outfit at a time.

    From the Humble Beginnings

    Back in the day – and by that, I mean before your favourite influencer made sweatpants chic – our ancestors had their own versions of “Who Wore It Better.” Sure, there were no paparazzi or red carpets, but the drama was real. Remember when Queen Elizabeth I rocked that farthingale? That was her “dropping the mic” moment.
    Fashion, even then, was more than clothing. It was power, status, and a bit of rebellious spirit sprinkled in between.


    20th Century: The Rise and Shine

    Moving towards the 20th century, things got a tad more interesting. Gone were the cage-like crinolines, and in came the curve-celebrating silhouettes. The era was all about body positivity before it became a hashtag.
    In these changing tides, one thing stood out – the lingerie. No longer just a hidden piece of cloth, it was now making statements louder than any headline. If the 1900s began with silhouette dresses and coy garters, it smoothly transitioned into bolder, more assertive choices as the years rolled by. Lingerie started shedding its cocoon of hush-hush whispers, ready to spread its wings.


    Corsets: More Than Just a Cinch

    Oh, the iconic corset! Often viewed as a symbol of Victorian conservatism, this laced-up beauty evolved in the 20th century, shedding its “stay-at-home” image. From the shadowy confines of petticoats, corsets began to flirt with the outer world, often paired with a jacket or peeking subtly beneath a sheer blouse.
    This wasn’t just about fashion; it was a reflection of society’s changing norms. Women, much like the corset, were finding their voice, stepping out, and claiming their space.


    Lingerie Takes Center Stage

    Fast-forward a few decades and enter the era of audacious reveals. Erotic lingerie made a splashy entrance from dimly lit boudoirs to fashion ramps. No longer confined as intimate apparel, this new wave of lingerie said, “Why stay beneath when you can shine on top?”
    Lingerie-as-outerwear isn’t just about shock and awe. It’s about empowerment, self-expression, and breaking away from stifling norms. Think about Madonna’s iconic cone bra moment, Lady Gaga’s avant-garde styles, or Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty shows. It’s clear – lingerie isn’t hiding anymore; it’s reveling in the spotlight.


    Modern Day: The Future is Bold

    The boundaries of fashion are constantly being pushed. Today’s mantra is clear – dare to bare, but do it with flair. Whether it’s bodysuits paired with jeans, bralettes under blazers, or sheer tops revealing chic underpinnings, modern fashion implores you to experiment and express.
    And, if you’re thinking this is just a passing phase, think again. Major fashion houses, indie designers, and streetwear brands are all dipping their toes into the tantalizing waters of exposed lingerie. The message is loud and clear: embrace your inner self, and don’t be afraid to let it show.


    In the End...

    From the secretive whispers of Victorian undergarments to the bold proclamations of today’s lingerie, our journey through fashion’s intimate tales has been nothing short of exhilarating. It’s a reminder that fashion isn’t static. It evolves, rebels, conforms, and then breaks away again.

    But the most beautiful takeaway? The realization that every stitch, every fabric, and every design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a reflection of our times, our struggles, our triumphs, and most importantly, our fierce spirit.

    So, the next time you pick a lingerie-inspired top or decide to flaunt that corset outside, remember – you’re not just wearing an outfit. You’re shouldering a legacy, a statement, and honey, you’re rocking it! 🌟



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