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    Made for your curves.

  • Midnight Euphoria Set

    Bella's Midnight Euphoria Set: A Dance of Lace, Mesh, and Possibilities

    Unveil an evening where romance meets rhapsody. Bella presents the Midnight Euphoria Set, where the sensuality of a teddy and the allure of a mesh skirt become partners in seduction.

    Our teddy, bathed in a palette of deep purple mesh and intricate black lace, encapsulates sophistication. Every element is designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient back closure invite you into a world where fit meets flair. Playful detailing adds whispers of mischief, making you the centrerpiece of the boudoir.

    But it doesn't end at aesthetics. The built-in underwire helps with support, while adjustable garter straps await your favourite pair of stockings. The thoughtful snap closure at the crotch ensures that the teddy is as effortless to don as it is to doff ;)

    Accompanying this teddy is a voluminous mesh skirt, versatile in its beauty. Lift from the hem, cross it over, tie around the waist, or gather at mid-thigh, and let it sway with every step, every twirl. For a dash of extra allure, consider sheer or fishnet stockings to complete this tantalising ensemble.

    The Midnight Euphoria Set is crafted to celebrate every silhouette. Dive into a night where dreams are draped in lace and mesh, and where every moment feels like a stolen serenade.