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  • 7 Tips Regain Sexual Intimacy Long Term Relationship

    May 09, 2023

    7 Tips Regain Sexual Intimacy Long Term Relationship
    Not Getting Enough? Here is Bella’s 7 Tips to Help Revive lost Passion and Regain Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner.

    Has your intimate relationship with your partner been a little on the quiet side lately? What’s happening? Are you falling out of love, bored, or are you finding life is a huge ocean of commitment, full of juggling the needs of your kids, partner, family and work?

    As the pressure of life builds, are you finding that you are left with little quality time for you and your partner to talk, let alone be intimate? I mean, come bedtime instead of getting your sexy on more often than not, are you finding you both fall into bed exhausted from your busy schedules?

    Sadly, more and more relationships are crumbling due to the pressure of modern day living. Intimacy is moving fast to the bottom rung on the ladder of priorities.

    How did we lose our passion for sexual intimacy so easily?

    It’s easy to forget all those little acts of attention and affection so lavishly given in the early years of a relationship, especially as we continually work toward a certain lifestyle and to ensure security for a growing family and the future.

    Do you remember the early days of romance? Do you remember those feelings of being cherished, wanted and loved unconditionally? What about the cuddles, the soft whispers and gentle touches, the slow building of excitement through to burning passion and final satiation?

    Not getting enough?

    Miss it, huh? Not getting enough seems to be the basis of nearly every relationship breakdown.

    You have probably heard people say that sex is overrated, that it isn’t important in a relationship, but let me assure you sex is a big part of it. Sex sits right up there next to sleeping and eating!

    It’s not too late to make changes in your intimate relationship

    If you want to keep the passion and intimacy in your relationship and get back to the way it used to be, now is the time to start making changes – and believe me, its never too late!

    I am sure you would agree, it is the simple things in life that bring us the most pleasure.

    And sharing these simple pleasures with the one we promised to spend the rest of our life with is worth the effort, especially when it comes to reigniting the passion originally held for each other.

    Take Sarah for instance, a mumpreneur with two kids under the age of 5 and happily married to Jack for over 8 years. In the early days of Sarah and Jack’s relationship (before kids), things were good. Jack was growing a successful career and regularly had to travel interstate for business trips. On his arrival back home, time spent in the bedroom more than made up for his time way.

    Then, along came kids. Sarah’s focus was not only on her own career but her little family as well. Both partners were working long hours to provide the type of lifestyle they wanted for their family. Jack and Sarah’s bedroom romps were not at frequent as they use to be.

    Slowly they moved into a comfortable place of being. Oh, the love was still there for each other, but now they had a young family and all of the commitments that come with it.

    Hot, sweaty nights of passionate love making soon became a thing of the past.

    Both partners soon found they were missing that close intimacy previously shared. They wanted it back! And fast! And who can blame them?

    As humans we crave intimacy, it is a natural state of being for us all.
    Don’t lose that wonderful sexual intimacy in your relationship. Our best advice for you is to remember the early days of your relationship. Look back and remember what you did, how you felt, and start to rebuild it. If you love your partner and are both prepared to do the work, you will find your lost paradise.

    Looking for ways to regain passion and intimacy in a long-term relationship?

    Here are Bella Curves Lingeries 7 tips.

    1. Spend quality time together,
    be kind and respectful of each other.

    2. Communicate
    talk to each other about what you really want in bed and dare to play.

    3. Get creative
    try something a little different – for the more inquisitive check out some of those sex toys. Get intimate not just in the bedroom, but all over the house (when the kids aren’t home or asleep that is), get steamed up in the shower, down and dirty in the shed, climb up onto the washing machine for a little extra vibration, in the pool, in the backyard as you languish under the feel-good rays of the sun, or even under a magical full moon.

    4. Get inspired Be inspired by what you use to do in the past. Reminisce about the early days of your relationship and the risky places you had sex. I am sure there would have been a few places 😉 Play the “remember when we ….” game.

    5. Keep the romance Hold hands at every opportunity, gently touch and stroke each on their arm, their face, back or booty.

    6. Look deep into each other’s eyes when you kiss
    Make sure those kisses are long and passionate, breath in deep and feel the love you have for each other.

    7. Keep flirting with each other Flirting is key to your relationship success – send each other sexy texts and photos. Speak to each other with innuendo, wink and smile.

    I like to think it’s the simple things that help in laying the groundwork to build a loving intimate relationship, build on them and you will find a relationship with your partner that is rich and full of enjoyment, pleasure, excitement and passion.

    Let me know how you go!

    Much love ~ Michelle xx

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