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  • The Power of Being Seen: Reflection on a Women's Gathering Ritual

    March 14, 2024

    The Power of Being Seen: Reflection on a Women's Gathering Ritual

    In the heart of a gathering that celebrates the divine feminine, a circle of women partake in a ritual that transcends the ordinary, fostering a deeply felt connection among them. It is a simple yet profound act—placing their right hands on each other's hearts, looking into each other's eyes, and acknowledging each other's beauty, both seen from afar and up close.

    "I saw you coming from afar, and you were beautiful." These words, repeated softly, from soul to soul, three times, on the fourth recital only one word was changed to "I saw you coming from afar, and you ARE beautiful."

    These words wove a tapestry of emotion, acknowledgment, and acceptance resulting in a moment where the armour we wear against the world melted away, leaving our true selves bare and shining in the presence of another.

    Why did this ritual touch us all so deeply?
    It's because, at our core, each of us yearns to be seen—not just for what we appear to be, but for the beauty that resides within us. This simple exchange affirms our existence, our worth, and our beauty in a way that words spoken in the ordinary course of our days cannot. It's a reminder that beneath the roles we play and the masks we wear, we are all beautiful, deserving of love and acceptance.

    This moment of connection was transformative. Tears flowed, not just from sadness or joy, but from the overwhelming release of being truly seen and recognised. It's a powerful reminder of the strength found in vulnerability and the bonds that form when we open our hearts to one another.

    As we move through life, let us carry the essence of this ritual with us. Let us strive to see and acknowledge the beauty in everyone we meet, to look beyond the surface and connect with the true essence of those around us. In doing so, we not only uplift others but also enrich our own lives, creating a world where everyone feels seen, acknowledged, and cherished.

    I invite you to bring this beautiful ritual into your next women's gathering to deepen connections among each other.

    When women reach out and truly connect, it not only transforms their individual lives but also has the power to collectively change the world.

    By acknowledging the beauty in one another with sincerity and openness, we foster a community of strength, empathy, and unity.

    This simple yet profound act of seeing and being seen is a step towards building a more compassionate and inclusive world.

    Let's embrace the opportunity to create meaningful change, together.

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