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    Made for your curves.

  • Spring Chat: Let's Get Real About Loving Our Bodies and Living Fully

    November 11, 2023

    woman enjoying spring sunshine illustrating body confidence and self love

    Embracing Body Confidence This Spring

    Hey there, With spring in the air, thoughts of fresh starts are blooming. And this season, I'm thinking about the fresh starts we can give ourselves, especially when it comes to body confidence. Let's chat, just you and me, friend to friend.

    Something That Stuck with Me...

    Picture this: a South Pacific cruise, not your over-the-top luxury liner, but a ship with soul. I met this incredible woman there. She's by the pool, but not in it, looking like she's wrestling with the idea of diving in. We strike up a conversation, and she shares her fears: judgment for scars from an old accident, changes in her body over the years, and the unforgiving gaze of mirrors. It's a story I think we all know in our own ways.

    Keeping It Real

    I tell her, "I hear you. Sometimes, I feel like I'm on centre stage too. But then I think—heck, life's too fleeting to miss out on. I have as much right to enjoy life as the next person." And then I share this nugget of truth I found:

    "Your body is a problem for others when they lack confidence in their own."

    Obviously that little quote hit home for her too.  And then, a few days on, there she was, laughing with her parter and beaming in her swimsuit, enjoying the pool, relaxing in the sun and making wonderful memories to take back home.  It was like witnessing a personal renaissance.


    Time for Our Spring Clean

    So, about us. When we talk 'spring cleaning', it's usually about our homes. But what if we go beyond, clearing out old, dusty thoughts that don't serve us? This spring, let's take a good look at the beliefs we have about our bodies.

    Remember, body confidence isn't a birthright; it's built over time. It's the garden we tend to with care, planting seeds of positive thoughts, nourishing them with affirmations, and watching them grow day by day.

    Look in the mirror. See if you can find a little love for the stories etched into your skin, for the legs that carry you through life's adventures, for the arms that have hugged your people tight, for the belly that's been part of so many laughs and good meals.

    Every body's journey is different, and comparing yours to someone else's is as futile as expecting a rose to bloom from a sunflower seed.

    Be gentle with yourself, and remember, diversity is the very essence of nature's beauty.

    Here's Our Pact

    This spring, let's vow to do what brings us joy. To embrace the beach, the pool, and life—with all our scars, stories, and smiles. It's about living fully in our skin, unfiltered and unapologetically.

    Here's to fresh starts and honest conversations and creating our own ripples this spring, to treating ourselves with kindness, and to savouring the sweet moments as they come.

    Your journey, your voice and your story have the power to inspire and uplift - not just you, but others on their path to self-love and body acceptance, drop your thoughts, reflections, or even a little nudge of encouragement in the comments below.  

    See you out there in the sun...


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