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  • Love The Body You Have With These 8 Body Positive Loving Strategies

    May 09, 2023

    Love The Body You Have With These 8 Body Positive Loving Strategies

    We totally get it, having a positive feeling about your body can be a challenge. especially when the media constantly bombard us with people blessed with the perfect body. It can be oh so easy to compare your body to an unattainable physique. But don’t let those images fool you, photoshop is the photographers and magazine editors tool of choice and is used to enhance those bodies even more. Its time to love the body you have.

    A healthy, attractive body comes in many shapes and sizes. You too can have a healthy body image regardless of your current weight or situation.


    Strategies for Creating a Positive Body Image & Love the Body You Have

    Ignore those magazines.

    You’ve got to believe it, those people on the covers of fashion magazines are literally one in a million. The majority of us don’t play a professional sport to get those types of physiques. Many of us don’t have the time to spend hours at a gym working out. We don’t have hundreds of thousands of $ to have plastic surgery or body sculpting, and it’s highly doubtful you’ve ever even met someone capable of doing it either, so have reasonable expectations of your body and what it can achieve.

    Focus on a weight that feels good for you.

    You might think you look better at a lower body weight but if you feel terrible it is definitely not worth it. Choose the healthiest body weight that feels good to you, take your time and work toward it.

    Identify your best three physical features.

    Yes, you can do it, there are definitely three things that you like about yourself. It may be your smile, the shape of your eyes, your hair. It may even be your shoulders, your boobs, your hips, bum, or legs. Take a look in the mirror and note those things you like. Write them down, put the list where you can see it often, remind yourself of these features each day.

    Chose an exercise plan that you love.

    It might be Zumba, on the Gold Coast we have HulaMoves and Lights Out and Dance, its dance fitness in the dark. And who doesn’t love to dance? Active physical activity feels good on so many levels. Research shows us that those who get some form of exercise has a more positive body image than those who don’t. So go on, get out there, get moving and notice how much better you feel about yourself.

    Avoid comparing yourself to others.

    This is a big one for sure. Comparing yourself to others usually results in negative feelings about your body. Remember everybody’s body is simply different, we are all unique, no one body shape is any better than another.

    Avoid being critical of your body.

    It’s common to place all your focus on what you feel is your worst body part. Some don’t like how their thighs rub together. Girl, get over the “chub rub”. Did you know that research has found women with bigger thighs have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar? Remember, you’ve got to work with the positives. Stop with the number of times you check that specific body part in the mirror. You’ve got far more important things to do and think about anyway.

    Relax and find time to Meditate.

    If you find yourself obsessing about your body meditation can help teach you to clear your mind and refocus on the positives – of you and your life. Even just a few minutes of deep, slow, focused breathing (with your eyes softly closed) can make a big difference.

    Affirmations are a must.

    Have you ever tried affirmations? These are positive words, spoken or thought, that can energise, motivate, or inspire us to think differently. So instead of negative self talk, try these affirmations instead:

    • “I accept and love my body as it is, and work every day to make it better”
    • “My body is peaceful, healthy and happy, and so am I”  
    • “My body is my home, I love it, and proud of what it achieves every single day.”
    • "My body is my sanctuary, a beautiful expression of my unique journey, worthy of love and celebration"
    • "I am more than a shape or a size; I am a vibrant soul, radiant with possibilities and unbreakable strenght"
    • "Every curve and contour of me is a stroke int he masterpiece that is my life, and I cherish each one as a mark of authenticity"
    I am sure you can think of other positive words that you can use. Write them down, or better yet write them on your bathroom mirror where you can see them morning, noon and night. Those positive words, when used daily, will help you feel better about your body and yourself.

    You deserve to have a healthy body image. Respect and appreciate your body. Treat your body well, think more highly of yourself, try to eat healthier food (get into those “greens” girl), get enough rest and don’t forget to exercise regularly. After all, you have every reason to love the body you have, as it is, right now, where would you be without it?

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