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  • 20 Minute Sensual Massage For Your Partner

    May 09, 2023

    20 Minute Sensual Massage For Your Partner
    Looking to seduce your partner and get a long night full of slow, sensual, passionate sex? The secret? It all starts with a sensual massage.

    But first, you have to set the mood, play some chillout, relaxing background music, just do a search on Apple Music or Spotify to come up with a playlist.

    Then, set the scene … add some pheromone infused scented candles, we suggest the massage candles from Dona, they come in a range of sensual aromas designed to create an atmosphere and ignite the senses, not only that they will moisturise the skin as you massage. These candles not only add to the ambient lighting, but you can also even use the warm melted wax during the massage as well…


    Sensual massages are not just about stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones (it will lead to that … eventually), but to relax the body and create a closeness between you and your partner.

    Take it Slow … A sensual massage, from head to toe, will lead you and your partner into a having the most amazing sex. How? It’s about the playfulness, the exploration and learning what your partner loves, where they like to be touched, allowing them to melt into the moment and experience what it means to have your full undivided attention.

    Remember, as you go through this massage sequence, spend a couple of minutes on each part of the body before moving on to the next.

    Start with a scalp massage. The head and scalp are often forgotten, but think about it; how good does it feel to have someone massage your scalp? Ahhhh … yes … bliss. It releases tension in the body, relaxes the mind and brings your attention right into the moment. And that is what you want your partner to do.

    Have your partner sitting in front of you, either between your legs or you can kneel behind them.

    Run your fingers through their hair. Gently tug from the roots! Rub your fingertips in small slow circles all around the scalp, then move the sides and over the temples, nice slow circular movements. Move your fingers down and keep up with the slow circular motions along the bottom of the skull and down both sides of the neck.

    Just take your time. Don’t forget to kiss the side of the neck, open your mouth a little and let your tongue trace small circles, breathing warm air on the skin as you do so. This little act along will help raise your partner’s erotic senses even more.

    Ask your partner to lay down on their stomach. Now you can move down from the neck to the shoulders.

    Straddle your partner, pour a teaspoon of massage oil onto your hands, rub them together and then apply to the shoulders. With both hands, knead the skin under your hands. Use your thumbs to pinpoint tight areas around the shoulder blades.

    Turn your attention to the back, if required, pour more oil onto your hands and spread the oil around starting from the bottom of the back and fanning up toward, and out over, the shoulders and down the arms. Do this for a couple of minutes before massaging the hands.

    Knead the back of the hand with your thumbs using small circular motions. Turn the hand over and massage the palm of the hand with your thumbs, starting with thumbs together and fanning out to the side of the hand, and finally massage each finger individually in your closed fist.

    Now turn your attention to the small of the back, pour more oil on your hands and begin to massage your partner’s butt and thighs.

    Hold your hands like you did when massaging the shoulders, i.e., with your thumbs pointing inward, which allows you to apply as much pressure as you need. Move your hands to the buttocks and lightly pinch the flesh.

    Work your way down the thighs, over the calves and move down to the feet. Rub the balls of the feet, the heels and the ankles. They’ll especially like this if they work on their feet all day.


    Now its time to have your partner roll over onto their back.

    Continue the massage with long, luxurious strokes across the chest, give some attention here for awhile. Next move down the stomach, then over the upper thighs.

    Start applying extra pressure and slowly work inward until you nearly touch their intimate parts. Gently massage around teasingly.

    Alternate your touch with a more sensual massage technique to keep things interesting.

    Don’t focus on making them cum, add extra oil to your palms as you stroke … you want to draw this part out as long as possible, and just do what comes naturally.

    Enjoy your evening ...

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