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    Made for your curves.

  • Times they are a Changing for The Plus Size Women

    May 09, 2023

    Changing times for plus size women

    Shifting Sands of Beauty: The Evolution of Body Standards

    The standards for a woman's ideal body shape have danced through the sands of time, largely influenced by the whims of the fashion industry. Tragically, this 'ideal' has often floated just out of reach for most, casting a shadow of insecurity and self-doubt.


    A Journey through Fashion Eras

    In the swingin' 60s, the 'it' figure was all about the slender and delicate frame, reminiscent of the iconic supermodel Twiggy. Her effortless elegance arguably birthed this ideal.

    As we grooved into the 70s, the trend leaned into an androgynous silhouette – emphasising lean structures, minimal busts, and the enigmatic thigh gap.

    The 80s brought with it the age of the supermodels: bold, athletic, powerful, yet still lean with a hint of curve.

    Then the 90s swayed in, putting the spotlight on waif-thin bodies. Names like Kate Moss spring to mind, setting a standard that sadly shamed fuller figures.


    Today’s Inspirations: Celebrating All Bodies

    Fast forward to our vibrant present, and we're witnessing a revolution of body positivity. Powerhouses like Ashley Graham, who stunned as the first plus size model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, are setting new benchmarks.

    Another beacon is Tess Munster, standing proud at 5'5 and a size 22, who secured a spot with the esteemed Milk Model Management in the UK.

    These radiant women, alongside countless others, are not just reshaping the fashion world, but also challenging age-old perceptions. They champion the idea that beauty isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It's about embracing our authentic selves, celebrating our unique shapes, and understanding that our worth isn't tied to our waistlines.


    Echoing the timeless words of Bob Dylan, "The Times They Are A'Changin." So, here's your cue: Dive into this change headfirst. Flaunt your curves with confidence, grace, and that irresistible spark.

    And in the sassy spirit of Mae West, always remember to..."Cultivate your curves; they might be dangerous, but they're impossible to ignore."

    Cheers to a more inclusive and self-loving world.

    Till next time! - Michelle 🌸

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