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  • Suprise Your Partner Play The Dominant Mistress Tonight

    May 09, 2023

    Dominant Mistress
    Is it time to change up your sex life a little? Take charge and get exactly what you want in the bedroom. It’s time to start ending your romantic evenings as the dominant mistress.

    Your partner may have already wined and dined you, taken you out on a romantic date or maybe you just preferred a relaxing night in. You are feeling in the mood for a little more action to finish up the night. So get ready, it’s time to shake things up a little and assert your power in the bedroom, even if it is just for this one special night: although be warned – you might like it and want to have these types of night more often.

    Dress in your sexiest bustier, pull on those matching fishnet stocking, put on those hot high heel stilettos, and grab that whip. Don’t forget your makeup – dark flashing eyes, fiery red lips and nails. Maybe you can even wear a mask to add to the allure.

    Feel confident in what you are wearing and how you look. If it makes you feel good, then you will feel confident and not hesitate in demanding what you want from your partner.

    Walk out to where your partner is, strut your stuff and watch their eyes widen and their mouth drop, you know you look hot!! Smile seductively and wink, they are definitely in for a surprise tonight.

    Take command and tell them that before they get to play with you, you have a few things that they need to do.

    Lay down the a couple of rules without hesitation or apology. It might be something along the lines of:

    - You will be addressed as Mistress
    - They are not to look at you
    - They won’t receive any pleasure until they have fully satisfied you.

    Don’t be shy, there is something very attractive about a confident woman, especially one who is confident in the bedroom.

    Some activities for the rest of the evening can include any (or all) of the following.

    Remind your partner again to keep their eyes down and not look at you, if they continue to, cover their eyes with a silk scarf. Lead your partner to your boudoir and sit them down on the bed. Tell your partner to start pleasuring you blindfolded using their tongue and mouth only, no touching with hands allowed.

    If you are happy with their attention, push your partner down on the bed and straddle their hips. Take control of the situation, when your partner is ready to climax, stop immediately, tell them that you are not going to let them do that just yet. Take a break and give them a few minutes to cool off. Do this as many times as you dare!

    Beside your bed have a selection of sexy pheromone infused massage oils. Order your partner to give you a full body sensual massage. Tell them where you want to be touched, make them take their time and follow your directions.

    Talk to them during your play, tell them what is pleasing you, what you don’t like, what you want more of … If your partner doesn’t obey your directions, punish them. That’s why you have the whip as your tool of choice.

    We could delve into a few games to play at this time, but we prefer to keep things a little vanilla on this page 😉 but feel free to share some of your favourite games if you feel inspired. Just comment below.

    To end your evening, make sure you snuggle each other and talk about what you have experienced. Who knows, you may want to do it again some soon. It’s definitely exciting when you add a little play in the bedroom …

    Have fun.

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