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    Made for your curves.

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    Off Shoulder Fishnet Body Stocking XL/Queen

    Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Bodystocking: Unveiling Sensuous Elegance

    Step into a realm of refined allure with our crotchless off-the-shoulder ruffle bodystocking. Caressing your skin with its soft texture, this intimate piece is as much about sensuality as it is about confidence.

    While the bodystocking is a captivating statement on its own, its off-the-shoulder design makes nipple covers an essential companion. They not only offer the discretion you seek but elevate comfort, allowing you to wear this piece with poise and assurance.

    Ideal for layering beneath a favourite ensemble or worn alone for an intimate evening, its versatility knows no bounds.

    Exclusively crafted for our curvy divas, this Queen size piece provides generous stretch, seamlessly fitting AU sizes 1xl to 3xl.